Jackson Trial Begins Monday

Prosecutor lays out case against Jackson

The prosecutor at the Michael Jackson trial is coming out with all guns blazing, at the start of Jackson's child molestation trial in California.

He told jurors in opening statements today that Jackson exploited a 13-year-old cancer victim, and exposed him to "strange sexual behavior." Prosecutor Thomas Sneddon said he'll bring Jackson's accuser to the stand to testify about the alleged abuse. And he said the accuser's younger brother will also testify -- saying that he had encountered Jackson with his brother on at least one occasion when Jackson was molesting him.

He also says Jackson used wine and other liquor to intoxicate children -- and that some guards at Jackson's home will testify to that. Sneddon also told jurors that Jackson had a pattern of exposing children to adult magazines -- mostly featuring women.

The opening statements began after the judge read to the jury the indictment, which revealed the names of five unindicted alleged co-conspirators. All of them are Jackson employees.