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Betsy Ross: Another red flag for football

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Already this football season we've seen injuries take their toll, but research just released on old football injuries may prove to be the most damaging of all.

Researchers with the Department of Veterans Affairs and Boston University found that 96 percent of the football players they studied had signs of CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, in their brains.

The study found CTE in 87 of 91 former NFL players tested and 131 of 165 players who played on pro, semipro, college and high school teams.

Now the only way to diagnose CTE is postmortem. CTE is suspected in the deaths of former NFL stars Junior Seau, Mike Webster and countless others.

With researchers now finding CTE at the high school level, it has to give young players and especially their parents pause before letting their children play football. And it puts more pressure on the NFL as well as colleges to protect their players now, and to take care of former players who may be sinking into the darkness of dementia.

Football is too popular to ever go away. The way the game is played, though, may change with this new report.

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