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Active shooter, mass casualty training exercise helps prepare emergency agencies

(Source: Shawn Lanier, FOX19 NOW) (Source: Shawn Lanier, FOX19 NOW)

Boone County brought together multiple emergency agencies in the region to practice for an active shooter, mass casualty training exercise.  While this wasn't a real situation, these agencies say they still  learn so much.

"If we don't do it correctly in training, we won't do it right in real life," said Boone County Sheriff's spokesman, Tom Scheben.

This exercise staged an active-shooter at a church, with multiple people injured.

Emergency agencies say the training helps them in a number of ways.

"Communication from our dispatch, working together with law enforcement, fire, and EMS just to name a few," Scheben said.

Scheben says first responders need to act first to reduce casualties and not wait for special units get there.

"We need to learn how to go in there with a small number of people and actively hunt that threat and then neutralize it if we can," Scheben said.

Even though the agencies plan out what to do in these situations beforehand, being able to act them out together makes a world of difference.

"If we don't get a chance to actually practice what we have planned, we don't know where the weakness are that need to be sure up, said Burlington Fire Chief Jeff Barlow.

While these training are meant to sharpen the skills for emergency personnel, they say as a victim you should use your own best judgment for survival.

There was also a review session after the exercise was complete.

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