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Thieves fill up with valuables while you fill up at the pump

The warning posted at Thortons (Source: Michael Baldwin, FOX19 NOW) The warning posted at Thortons (Source: Michael Baldwin, FOX19 NOW)
(Source: Michael Baldwin, FOX19 NOW) (Source: Michael Baldwin, FOX19 NOW)

The Thornton’s Gas Station on Dixie Highway in Fairfield has seen enough car robberies that they are sounding the alarm. They put up a message on one of their gas pumps telling customers about two women getting robbed while leaving their car doors unlocked.

The incidents happened on Sept. 8 and 19. Police said one woman was getting gas while another woman was putting air in her tire. Both had the purses stolen according to police.

The unusualness of posting a warning on the gas pump is something Fairfield Police Chief Mick Dickey endorses. He said he likes the station taking a proactive approach and reminding people to do something as simple as locking your door when you leave your vehicle.

“In this case, both entries were made while the person was there,” said Dickey. “The passenger door was unlocked and the thief just reached in took a purse and left.” Both robberies were done in the afternoon.

Police have surveillance of the robberies, but would only say the cases are still under investigation. Dickey explained that one of the biggest theft problems in Fairfield is theft from cars. He said thieves target places where you have to leave your car for a time period, malls, grocery stores, fitness centers, gas stations, or residences.

FOX19 NOW went to Thornton’s and most of the people we spoke with did not have their car doors locked as they went and got gas.

“Their unlocked right now as a matter-of-fact,” said Irene Klare. “I lock them to go into the [gas station but not while I’m getting gas].”

Dickey said he and his wife always lock the car door and the best way to remember to do it is to get into a habit. He suggested people do it for 7 days in a row.

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