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GOP Presidential Candidate Ben Carson's visit to the Tri-State


GOP Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson stopped at the Sharonville Convention Center Tuesday to rally supporters in the Tri-State.

While Carson had a grand welcome by his supporters in the Queen City with chants and cheering, the media had questions about Dr. Carson's statement that the U.S. should not elect a muslim president.

"It seems to be hard for people to actually hear English and understand it,” said Dr. Carson. “I said I would support anyone regardless of their background if they embrace American values and our Constitution."

Dr. Carson wanted to address what he said are the real issues plaguing Americans such as whether or not marijuana should be legalized and the economy. 

"We need to have a tax system that's fair for everybody in our society. We shouldn't pick and choose who we pick on,” said Dr. Carson. “Would I recommend medical marijuana? Absolutely, but that is very different from legalizing it for recreational use. I would not do that."

Many in attendance were staunch supports of Carson, but some like Mary Hill were there to hear his vision for the country for the first time.

"I saw him on the first debates and he did peek my interest,” said Hill. "I thought here's an intelligent man with some solutions for some of the problems of our nation. So I thought, just go out and see what he has to say."

Others like Brad Johnson had a different motive.

"My favorite guys just dropped out yesterday, so I'm looking for a new one, and Carson is one of my top guys so we will see,” said Johnson.

Dr. Carson's next event in Dayton is a "Right to Life" fundraiser at the University of Dayton Arena.

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