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Prosecutor: 19 inches measures the drug abuse in Butler County


The Ohio Department of Health released a stat saying overdoses in the state reached nearly 2,500 people last year.

In Butler County, Prosecutor Mike Gmoser says the number of prosecutions is seriously high.

Gmoser says that a stack of indictment papers on his office measures up to about 23 inches and is compiled over a four and a half year period - which is pretty high.

"The significance of this is that 85 percent of all of these cases have some element of drug abuse associated with them," Gmoser said. 

Gmoser says 85 percent would be about 19 inches.  The ruler of the criminal justice system right now anyway in Butler County - is drugs. 

Heroin is a big part of it as is all across the Tri-State.

In Ohio, drug overdose deaths is more than 12,000 since 2002. Gmoser says this next Butler County stat about heroin may be a surprise.

"It exceeds in Butler County natural deaths on occasion. We have more people dying from heroin overdoses then we do natural causes," Gmoser said.

Is it fair to say Heroin mixed with fentanyl is a mass murder? Last year in Ohio, it was involved 502 deaths. But Gmoser said something that might find more shocking.

"The drug user when they hear about a fentanyl death they gravitate to the deal as opposed to running from the dealer. because in their mind he's got or she's got the good stuff," Gmoser said.

Gmoser says to deal with the problem, you need a five point approach. He said you need the proper legislation, education in schools, medical treatment, arrests and prosecution. He said those have to work together as oppose to separate entities.

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