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Betsy Ross: The pen is mightier than the program..or is it?


Rick Pitino has written a lot of books in his coaching career--the latest one about his program is one he probably won't be reading anytime soon.

This past weekend the book "Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen" was released. In it, a former "escort" says she was hired repeatedly by a former U of L basketball staffer to provide escorts for U of L players and recruits.

For his part, Coach Pitino denied knowing anything about it and said the people on his staff don't know about it either.

But here's where it gets interesting: Louisville found out about the book when a top booster of Indiana University's reached out to the athletic department at IU to ask them to contact Louisville's athletic department to identify a player for a photo in the book.

The booster, Michael Maurer, is chair of IBJ Media Corp., the parent company of the book's publisher. In a followup email he admitted the photo and story wouldn't be flattering to Louisville's program.

Asked whether he thought IU turned Louisville in to the NCAA, Louisville Athletic Director Tom Jurich said, "I have no comment."

It will be months before any investigation turns up information on whether any of the book is true. It may be years before IU and Louisville schedule each other in basketball.

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