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Suspect on the run after leading police into Mt. Airy Forest

(Photo: Dave Palmer, FOX19 NOW) (Photo: Dave Palmer, FOX19 NOW)
(Photo: David Palmer, FOX19 NOW) (Photo: David Palmer, FOX19 NOW)

A man wanted for multiple felonies is being searched for in the Mt. Airy Forest by Cincinnati police after a high-speed chase and crash.

Police say the initial chase started at Elberon and Mt. Hope avenues on the West Side of Cincinnati. 

The man allegedly stole a car before crashing into a separate vehicle in the 1800 block of West Fork Road, according to police.

Police say after crashing into the vehicle, the suspect led police on a foot chase into the Mt. Airy Forest. 

The suspect has not been located by police. 

The car involved in the chase on Tuesday was stolen by someone from Trans Auto Sales in Queensgate a few weeks ago.  The entire situation was captured on surveillance video.  It is unclear at this point if the person chased by police on Tuesday is the same person who stole the car.

"This is a total loss,” said auto lot owner Mohamed Souleiman, speaking about the condition of the car, a red Ford Focus.

In the video, someone walks through the lot, while another person appears to scope the scene on the sidewalk.  A few seconds after that, the car is put in reverse and takes off.  The car had actually been sold to someone, and was awaiting pickup by the customer who purchased it.

"This is a loss for the business,” Souleiman said.

The car ended up on West Fork Road after the chase.  Another one of the business owners where the car was stolen from was at the scene near Mt. Airy Forest after getting a quick call from police.

"We found the car.  Come get your car,” Hamza Semane said.  He’s an owner of Trans Auto Sales.  He was called by police when the car was found on Tuesday.

Other cars and parts have been swiped from the lot in the past.  Owners of the business say their location makes them an easy target.  Souleiman says that he’s been attacked on the property in the past.

"It's not the first, it's not the second time.  It's something that we have to deal with on a daily basis,” Souleiman said.  "I want to see police patrol.  That's what I want to see.  I need to see more enforcement."

According to police, the suspect is wanted on multiple felonies for car theft. 

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