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Father loses son during Sandy Hook Shooting, tells plan to curb mass shootings

(Photo: Shawn Lanier, FOX19 NOW) (Photo: Shawn Lanier, FOX19 NOW)

Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio joins Sandy Hook Promise in an attempt to curb the trend of mass shootings during Mental Illness Awareness Week.

Mark Barden, who lost his son, Daniel, in the Sandy Hook Elementary, was in Cincinnati today telling his story.

Nearly three years have passed since the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., but only a week has passed since the latest school shooting at a community college in Roseburg, Ore.

Mass shootings continuing to happen, and Mark Barden along with Sandy Hook Promise are taking steps to stop it.

"To try to address the situation and not only for mass shootings that seem to be happening with increasing frequency, but the daily gun violence that takes 90 lives in the country a day,” said Barden.

It’s gun violence that's here at home in Cincinnati.

Barden says he doesn't want to argue gun control, but move in a direction that everyone can get behind which is identification, intervention, and prevention.

Training children and adults to identify a potential problem, intervene by telling someone, and having those people prevent any accident from happening.

It's something Barden's niece did...

"She was on Instagram, and she saw someone talking about Sandy Hook and 'who's up for a school shooting.' And she looked the picture and was able to identify it was coming from a middle high school in Arkansas,” said Barden. “She called the administration. They intervened, and they determined that this was actually a school shooting in progress. It was in the planning stages."

Barden credits his niece for not being a by-stander and doing what Sandy Hook Promise urges everyone to do.

"If you see something, say something."

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