Send A Get Well Message To Max!!

If you'd like send Max a Get Well message click here! FOX19 will make sure that his handler gets them to share with Max.


As soon as I heard that I could send a get well soon to Maximus,I just had to write. As a private trainer of personal protection dogs,I understand fully what it means to have Maximus down and unable to fulfill his duties But as a true to my heart dog lover and owner of dogs since I was six,I know how much it hurts to have a member of your family hurt so badly. My heart goes out to the whole family. I could see from the television the look in his eye's and he knows what he is and I feel confident that Maximus will be back to himself in no time.I know your love for him will get him through.

Good luck to you all, and thank you both for being out there for "us".


Verna Penny


Get Well Soon Max!



Dear Maximus:

Thanks for being so brave and sorry to hear that you broke your leg.  My name is Chloe and I am a black lab, and I have a job too! I am a therapy dog, but my job is certainly not a risky as yours!  My Mum was so upset when she saw your story on the news, so she said she would help me write a get well note to you….I hope that you are back on your job real soon!! You are my hero!  I will say a prayer to St Francis every day for you ( he is the Patron Saint of us animals!)

Best wishes!



Dear Maximus,

My human friends have asked me to be more like you. I try so hard not to mess in the house, chew the $100 Nikes and chase the cat, but I can't resist the temptation. How can I be a good dog, like you? I think at this point, being a hero is out of the question for me.

Wonder Sexton

PS: If it makes you feel any better, I've been blind since birth. Being handicapped gets me a lot of leniency in the discipline department.


Dear Max,

Get well soon, you and all the police dogs do such a great job and I would like to say thank you! Rest up and tell your people to give you lots of treats!


Julie Thompson

Florence KY


Hello Officer Neal and Max,

I saw your story today and wanted to drop you an email and say hello and that I hope Max recovers fully and quickly.

I am a huge animal lover, I have a lab and a 3 legged cat, both were rescues. I just lost 2 days ago, my 16 year old yorkie. I came home from work and she had died in her sleep. She lived a long happy life, but I am still devastated to not have her running around the house any longer.

Officer Neal, It sounded like you and Max are best friends and I just wanted to let you know I understand how scary it is when our best friends get hurt. My little yorkie and I had been through so much together, she watched out over me when I was sick and I over her when she was. I know you are by Max's side, taking care of him and loving him. Thank you both for all you do. Please give Max a kiss for me and a big get better hug.

It has been a rough week here in this house as I know it has been in yours.

Take care,



Sorry to hear about the fall I know it must break your heart to have your best friend hurt.  I am sure with all the prayers and good wishes Max will be back on duty in no time.  Good luck 2 u and your dog.  I am a retired Police officer and I know how special your dog is.


Take care,



We sure hope Max is feeling better soon.

Ted & Colleen Cassel

Moses, Ebbie, Rascal and JD


Dear Maximus,
What a brave officer you are!  I have two golden retrievers and they as well as myself, wish you a speedy recovery. You will be back on the streets in no time, I'm sure!  Thank you for helping to keep us safe Maximus, you are truly a hero.
Michelle Lay
Rusty and Jaxon
Dear Mr. Neal,
    I hope Max gets well soon. Did you know he was on the news? We miss you all!    Do you like you're new home? Ours is pretty nice.
        Well, anyway, I hope Max gets better.
    Your friends,
    The Osler family
I'm 13, and I absolutley LOVE dogs.  My dad is a Police Officer, and they have a German Shepard for their department too! I really hope you get feeling good again, and get to go back working with them, they really need you. You help save lives, especially theirs.
- Kara
Hi, max I heard about your bad fall I sure hope you will heal soon because I have prayed for you and I believe in you, best luck
My dad was a Cincinnati Police Detective!
I went to high school with Dave Cole, who was killed in the line of duty.
I could tell that you were very upset that your buddy Max got hurt.
He is such a beautiful dog.
I have a red Doberman named Fireball.
I am a huge dog lover.
I hope Max is feeling better and that you are too.
If I knew where he lived i'd fix him a big 'ol steak on the grill! hahahahaha
Please let us know how he is doing as i hope he starts feeling better soon!
Art "Cat" Meredith
Cherry Grove
Dear Maximus,
Our names are Ebie, Moses and Rascal.  We live in Englewood, OH.  Our mom told us about your accident at work.  She saw your story after the UC basketball game on tv.   We are very sorry that you got hurt that way.   Moses, the Rottweiler in our family, had surgery last summer to repair his ACL and understands how you feel.  His recovery was 12 weeks with no running also.   It was rough.  Moses says he thinks you can make it if he did. 
For the Cassel Canines,
Ebie the Black Lab.
I absolutely love police dogs and have such a soft heart for them.  The companionship between a police dog and its officer is so wonderful and I respect them both so much.  I hope Max gets well soon and is able to be his officer’s loyal partner again.