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Woman alleges service dog discrimination at Walmart

(PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Jordan Vilines) (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Jordan Vilines)

A West Chester woman claims she was kicked out of Walmart for having her service dog with her. 

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon at the Walmart in West Chester. Maria Gamble said she went out to do her shopping with her registered service dog but before she knew it, she says she was being kicked out for having her dog with her.

Gamble’s dog, Roxy, is an emotional support dog for Gamble who has multiple sclerosis and a daughter with autism.

During Gamble and Roxy’s weekly run to Walmart, Gamble says she was approached by an employee.

“All of the sudden, a manager came up to me and said, “You can’t have your dog in here! You need to leave. I told him that she was a service dog and showed him her service badge,” Maria Gamble explained.

According to Gamble, the manager claimed that her dog had urinated in one of the aisles, causing a customer to slip. 

“He told me I needed to leave,” Gamble said. “I said, ‘sir she’s a service dog and I asked him if he could show me where he urinated.’ I said, ‘technically if my dog did something wrong, I need to know.’”

She says when the manager wouldn’t show her where the alleged accident happened, she decided to leave but not without feeling that she’d been discriminated against. “Discrimination is just wrong and I want to keep someone else from going through it.” 

On Wednesday, FOX19 NOW reached out to Walmart media relations to get their side. They released the following statement: "We welcome service animals in our stores and fully comply with the ADA. This was no exception. A member of management approached the customer after receiving complaints from other customers; after learning that it was a service animal, he apologized for the inconvenience and allowed the customer to continue shopping." 

Gamble wasn’t satisfied by Walmart’s response. “I hired a lawyer and plan to pursue it to the fullest extent.” 

Gamble said until all of this is resolved, she doesn’t plan to continue her shopping at the West Chester Walmart. 

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