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What's that foul smell? Blame the weather

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A mysterious smell has been hanging over several Cincinnati neighborhoods

Southwest Ohio Air Quality agents have fielded several odor complaints from residents across the city – especially in Cheviot, Clifton and St. Bernard, according to the agency.

Don’t be alarmed if you’ve caught a questionable whiff in your area. The fall season is prime-time for temperature inversions that cause odor issues, says air investigator Kerri Castlen.

Temperature inversions happen when air temperatures at the surface are cooler than air temperatures higher up in the sky. The warmer air above prevents the cooler air below from rising, which also prevents the odors in this air from dissipating as quickly as usual.

“This time of year we see a lot of complaints because of the atmospheric conditions. Overnight there’s cool nights and warm days and we get poor air dispersion,” said Castlen.

The inversions cause air pollutants from industrial plants to stick around and create the foul smell.

“Today when we were getting complaints in Cheviot winds were east,” said Castlen. “So the companies in the I-75 corridor that contribute to odors, those winds were blowing east towards Cheviot.”

The agency has inspected the facilities that contribute to the stench, Castlen says. They haven’t found any reason to be concerned. 

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