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Cincinnati police alert the public amidst string of purse-snatchings downtown


Cincinnati police are alerting the public about a string of purse-snatchings in the downtown area - all of which happened in broad daylight.

Police say a robbery on Walnut Street between Third and Fourth streets happened white it was still light outside when there were plenty of people walking around. According to reports, the robber ambushed a woman, stealing her purse and cell phone. 

It's may be easy to think that the purse slung over your shoulder is secure, especially when you're walking on a crowded street during the day, and locals are now realizing they can't overlook their safety on the streets. 

"I actually think its pretty common for it to slip our minds if it's been a long day at work or you're just getting to work in the morning, you may not be thinking that you should have your cell phone in your hands or keys with an alarm on it and that's just not something you're thinking about," said Jackie Potts. 

But it's time to start thinking, start realizing that while we're walking down the street, the purse slung over our shoulder is a bullseye for robbers.

Sergeant Shannon Heine told FOX19 NOW, "We've had maybe four similar instances of robberies where cell phones and purses were taken." 

In each case, police say the robber yanked the purse out of the women's hand or from off her shoulder while she was walking near Walnut Street downtown. 

"[Robbers] are scouting people out who could easily become a victim," said Heine. 

In order to prevent an event like this from happening, Heines says, " always look who is in front of you or behind you and look at who you are passing and who is passing you.

Police said they hope these recent robberies will serve as a solid reminder that it only takes thieves a matter of seconds to sneak up, snatch your purse and scurry away scott-free.

"Everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings, don't let yourself become a victim," said Heine. 

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