Consider This: Positive attention for Andy Dalton

Consider This: Positive attention for Andy Dalton

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - It's all the talk in Cincinnati - have you heard the Bengals are 5 and 0?  What you AREN'T hearing about is the team's quarterback.

Consider this:  What if Charlie Brown (in that famous Peanuts video) actually kicked the football? Would we high-five him or would we credit Lucy? The funny thing about football is we laugh at the guy who whiffs on the big moment when it's never all his fault.

So, ask a fan about the Bengals undefeated start. You might hear about a defense that's been sacking the opponent's quarterback or a run game scoring touchdowns or did you hear about the A.J. Green game in Baltimore? How much are you hearing about the quarterback? A little. But, enough?

If it's fair game to rip Andy Dalton when the Bengals lose - it's only fair we applaud his wins. The numbers say he's playing as well as Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers - and better than Carson Palmer - the guy he replaced.  We say...You're a good quarterback, Andy Dalton and you deserve positive attention.

But... let's just make sure Lucy isn't anywhere near the football in the playoffs!

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