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How to keep your kids safe from online predators

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Sites like Facebook, Oovoo, and Kik can be dangerous, when a predator is on the side of the keyboard. Gone are the days of the one computer that sat in the living room in plain sight. Kids access the World Wide Web in seconds through their phones.

"The bad guys know that sort of thing. They understand they can use social media, they can bully people. They understand about sexting and all this kind of crazy stuff that kids do now and days,” said security expert Dave Hatter.

There are several apps that are on the app store that disguises what the app really does. For example there are that look like calculators, but their use is to store and hide pictures and videos.

Dave Hatter is a security expert. He says parents should turn to their service provider to see what security measure they can put into place.

"All of the major phone carriers, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, have some kind of parental controls. They have software and tools and features you can turn on to restrict what can be done on the phone,” said Hatter.

He also advises going into that particular carrier's store and asking what the measures are for the devices. But the big question is, who are these predators on the other side of the keyboard?

"Who these people are you're never going to pick them out of a crowd successful because they come from all walks of life. They can be very successful people, people with money, people that are poor, different color religion; background, said National Security expert Tim Dimoff.

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