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Kara Sewell: Wannabe vegan gets Rooted

If you’ve ever watched our morning show you know we like to eat; and our crew eats well thanks to the fabulous kitchen guests we host in our studio nearly every day. I had to rein in my tasting portions months ago when my dresses started getting snug. But a little weight gain is the only downside to being exposed to so many unique and tasty restaurants around the tristate. 

My latest indulgence is of a different sort, last month we had ‘Rooted Juicery & Kitchen’ from Oakley in the kitchen preparing various juices and showcasing their raw, organic and vegan menu. Hang on! Hope I didn’t lose you, it is delicious!

‘Rooted’ serves food in its most natural state; the concept is pure, nutrient-packed dishes with 100% organic and sourced whenever possible from local Ohio farms. I like the concept and was sold after tasting their coconut yogurt (made without dairy) and pure grapefruit juice (promotes weight loss).

My husband Nick and I decided to have lunch at ‘Rooted’ this week and made our way to the restaurant off Madison near Oakley Square after work.

The establishment is exceptionally clean and simple; they offer dine in options, juice (of course) meals to grab and go and most importantly, an ample sized dessert case! Nick ordered the special, a raw taco and I settled on a pesto & ricotta sandwich made with macadamia nuts. We also sprang for the pure grapefruit juice and a Samoa cookie.

Service was prompt and pleasant, we each took a bite of our dish and immediately switched! Funny how that happens, isn’t it? I loved the taco and he was a fan of the sandwich, it wasn’t that I didn’t like my choice I just liked his more.

The Samoa cookie and juice were packed with flavor, a healthy way to indulgence and the cookie tasted very similar to the Girl Scout variety except you can buy an entire box of those for $4 whereas
one cookie at Rooted was the same price.

Eating healthy is NOT cheap! Our entire meal was $35 granted I sprung for the juice ($9) and desperately wanted that cookie, but keep in mind these dishes are packed with fresh veggies and other ingredients that don’t come cheap. 
The team at ‘Rooted’ also works with customers who want to do a juice cleanse; this process will detoxify your body and get you back to neutral.

Frankly, ‘Rooted’ is the way I should be eating all the time but because of time and money (and my love for pizza) I doubt I will ever transition to a raw or vegan diet (excuses, excuses).

That being said I will stop by ‘Rooted’ for healthy morsels in hopes it will inspire a better and more diverse way of eating. Check out their menu and be adventurous, your body will thank you.

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