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Kara Sewell: Meet the Fockers, I mean family

October 7 marked my fifth wedding anniversary to my husband Nick.

I could bore you with how much I love him and what makes our relationship so special but I will spare you and skip to the good stuff; like when he met my family for the first time.

It was a disaster! I will not bury the lead, when we left Houston that weekend I thought we were done and my parents believed I was crazy.

I will back up: we traveled home in 2007 for my baby brother’s high school graduation and, between a canceled flight and a heck of a lot of traffic, we barely made it.

At the time, my husband was quite the opposite of me, quiet, shy and a little insecure. We would talk for hours and his sense of humor is what really won me over but in Houston the man didn’t say a word! He sat on the couch while friends and family were in the kitchen catching up and sharing stories.

He attempted to play video games with my brother and it was painful to watch despite the fact you really don’t have to say a lot. 

He wasn’t funny and barely cracked a smile. My mother pulled me aside and gave me the ‘you love this guy?!’ Ouch!

We had it out when we got back home and he claimed he froze up, intimidated by such a fun, easy going family. He struggled to fit in – his insecurity got the best of him.

He promised to open up, and my parents gave him another chance.

That mess was eight years ago and since then we’ve traveled together to Greece, San Francisco and Alaska. The trips were anything but awkward, full of laughter and great memories.

We all laugh at the misfortune that was that weekend. and I’m a firm believer that some people need a second chance after a bad first impression. 

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