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'Monica's Law' introduced, aims to help domestic abuse victims

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A grieving Tri-State family is fighting a battle these days so other hopefully don’t have to.

The family of Monica Weber-Jeter, who died last year after being stabbed several times, has petitioned and pushed for the creation of a law to better protect domestic violence victims, coining it “Monica’s Law.”

The law was introduced by lawmakers in Columbus on Wednesday.

"It broke my heart.  I can't tell you how horrible it's been,” said Monica’s mother Vicky Miller of her daughter’s death.

Monica died a month after she was stabbed several times at her North College Hill home.  Her husband of 19 years, Andre Jeter, was the one who attacked her, according to police.

"Monica was my best friend.  Until she died, we lived in the same neighborhood and raised our kids together,” said Monica’s sister Melanie Simms.
The bill is formally called Ohio House Bill 362.  

"It's hard but we wanted to make sure that we could do something, make something positive out of her death,” said Simms.

That's because months before her death, Monica's husband was accused of strangling her.  He served 11 days of a sentence, court records show.  What’s now known as “Monica’s Law” would make that a felony, and it would toughen up penalties and sentences for offenders.  The idea is to keep offenders locked up longer, to give victims time, and a chance, to get away from their situation.

"To have the chance to save somebody else and give them the opportunity to leave, and to get out when they have the chance really helps - helps you sleep at night,” said Monica’s sister Nicole Miller.

The measure is sponsored by Rep. Stephanie Kunze (R)-Hilliard and Rep. Michael Stinziano (D)-Columbus.

"It can't do anything for us, but it will help someone else.  That's what's the most important thing right now,” Monica’s mother, Vicky, told FOX19 NOW.

Monica left behind five children who are now being raised by the rest of the family.

As for Andre Jeter, he’s been found incompetent to stand trial in the case, and is in a behavioral health facility.  He is due back in court in December

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