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How to spot ATM skimming devices

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Debit card users can easily fall victim to a scam hidden in plain sight. It’s called ‘Skimming’ and has been reported several times in the Tri-State.

In a card skimming crime, a scammer installs a device on an ATM to collect card data from the magnetic strip. They then use that date to produce fake debit cards or sell the information.

A skimming device fits over the ATM card reader. Hidden cameras or wandering eyes take down your pin.

How to spot it:

Skimmers are very small and typically blend in with the ATM. Make sure your ATM does not have anything hanging from it or appear to have been tampered with.

Look for any off-color plastic near the top of the machine, Wesley Fenlon suggests.

Make sure your card swipes into the ATM smoothly.

If you spot any of these red flags, don’t use the card and contact your bank.

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