Gas Prices Soaring

For the first time in several months, gas is above the two-dollar mark.  The twenty to twenty five-cent hike comes after a steep increase in crude oil prices.  

Crude oil is now over 54-dollars a barrel.  It hasn't been that high in about four months.  The demand for gas is growing while the U.S. dollar remains weak, causing traders to be worried. 

Tri-State motorists can expect to pay as much as $2.10 at some area gas stations.  Make sure you aren't paying too much.  Too find the cheapest gas prices in your city, has linked a few helpful websites.

And here are a few of the cheapest gas prices in the Tri-State, spotted by FOX 19 viewers:

$1.96 BP on Dixie Highway in Ft. Wright

$1.83 UDF at Route 4 & Kemper

$1.84 BP at Clough Pike & Mt. Carmel

$1.81 JoMart at 741 & 42

$1.88 Speedway at Pippin & Springdale

$1.84 Swifty on Route 4 in Fairfield

$1.73 UDF on Dixie Highway in Florence

$1.84 Marathon in Georgetown

$1.84 UDF on North Bend in Cheviot

$1.88 Swifty on Glendale-Milford in Evendale

$1.89 BP in Crittenden