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Carroll Lee Cropper Bridge 'zipper merge' begins Monday

Motorists should notice a major change Monday around the Interstate 275 Carroll Lee Cropper Bridge restoration project.

A  “zipper merge” is being implemented to help traffic flow between Kentucky and Indiana across the Ohio River.

The zipper merge concept directs motorists to use BOTH traffic lanes until reaching the defined merge area, and then alternately merge in “zipper” fashion into the open lane.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials say it’s being implemented to help with significant backups in the area.

Motorists will see zipper merge signs to instruct drivers where and how to merge. The first sign will notify drivers to “Use Both Lanes During Backup”.

At the merge point, a sign will indicate “merge here” by showing two traffic lanes converging into a single lane. Additionally, the sign will instruct drivers to “Take Turns” which is critical to fully employ the zipper merge concept.

Zipper merging will improve traffic flow, prevent confusion, alleviate frustration and reduce congestion. Failure to take turns will cause more delay for everyone.

Transportation officials say the project should be completed by Dec. 15

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