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Stores sell toy syringe pens despite concerns

Syringe pen vs. real syringe. (Flikr/LaurenceSimon/NAIAD) Syringe pen vs. real syringe. (Flikr/LaurenceSimon/NAIAD)
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Ink pens resembling syringes are being sold as a Halloween novelty toys, but some parents and drug abuse advocates say the items hit too close to home.

The pens are clear plastic tubes filled with colored liquid and marked with measuring lines found on hypodermic needles. They’re reportedly sold at Target stores and several online shops.

It’s hard to tell the difference between a real syringe and their ink pen counterpart, some parents claim. Although the novelty pens have been around for years, some say they trivialize drug abuse amid an out-of-control heroin problem across the nation.

"Given today's epidemic that our state is in, it just seems like a no-brainer that something like that shouldn't be on the shelves,” said Celeste Clark, director of the Raymond Coalition for Youth, an organization in New Hampshire that works to reduce substance abuse.

A Target spokesperson told the AP that they are aware of the complaints but will leave the syringe pens on the shelves, a move some parents agree with.

"Through time, society has found more ways to blame others for things," Nikki Shipley, a mother from Virginia, said in an email with the AP. "A needle pen is not the cause of a heroin epidemic, nor does it promote it."

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