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NKY Health Dept. releases latest hotel inspection scores

NKIHD Northern Kentucky Indepdent Health District Department logo (FOX19 NOW/File) NKIHD Northern Kentucky Indepdent Health District Department logo (FOX19 NOW/File)
(PHOTO: NKY Health Department/Twitter) (PHOTO: NKY Health Department/Twitter)

The Northern Kentucky Health Department released their latest report on Monday, which contains the scores of hotels and motels after their latest inspections. 

The most recent report concluded that 17 of the establishments received 100s for their initial inspection, while the lowest scores given were two 66s. 

In a tweet posted to the Northern Kentucky Health Department's account, they said they inspect 69 local hotels and motels to ensure health and safety. Out of those establishments inspected, 17 received a score of 100 for their initial inspections. Two of the lowest scoring were given a 66. 

By law, hotels are required to obtain a permit to operate legally in Kentucky. These permits are issued by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services. 

According to the Northern Kentucky Health Department, hotels are required to pass inspection by a registered sanitarian as part of the requirements of the permit. 

Their website states that in Kentucky, a hotel is defined as any building or structure kept, used, maintained and advertised as a place where sleeping accommodations are provided to the public. 

The definition includes motels, tourist homes and similar establishments, but excludes boarding homes, rooming houses and bed and breakfasts. 

The inspections are conducted at least once per year with additional inspections if needed. The health department stated that the inspections are unannounced and the hotel is unaware ahead of time when an inspection will take place. 

Examples of things inspectors look for include:

  • Bed bugs, rodents and other insects are under control 
  • Hot and cold running water under pressure from an approved source in all bathrooms
  • Employees are conforming to good hygienic practices
  • Establishment is in good repair

The health department said inspections involve a report containing 27 potential items of violation, each of which is assigned a point value based on how it can affect a person's health. The point values range from two to six, with two being least severe and six being most severe. 

To calculate a hotel’s final score, the total of the points for all violations marked is subtracted from a total point value of 100.

Scores below 70 may require administrative actions, including conferences with officials from the Kentucky Department for Public Health, which may result in later follow-up dates.

The establishment may be required to close during this time period, claimed the health department's website. 

The latest inspection reports can be viewed here

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