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Father who cut off baby's nose found guilty, sentenced to 8 years in prison

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According to Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell, Robert Traylor was found guilty Friday for cutting off the nose of his then 13-day-old infant.

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It happened along East McKinley street in Lebanon on October 15 of last year. Traylor has been in jail ever sense awaiting trial.

The mother of the child, who asked us not to reveal her name, said she has recently divorced him.

She described her daughter’s injury in gruesome detail. “There was no nose. All you could see was bone. It was horrific,” she said

The 22-year-old is expected to testify on Wednesday against Traylor. Her story about what happened has changed since the original police report.

During the 911 call, she said her son had bit her infants nose off. She later changed her statement  where she now accused her ex-husband.

When asked why she changed her statement to police she told me it was after she spoke to her son. At first, she thought he did it until one day at the hospital her son pointed to a picture of his sister and said, “that’s where daddy bite sissy,” according to his mother. She said the infant entered the hospital with two skull fractures and broken ribs.

FOX19 NOW did attempt to talk to the attorneys for Traylor, but they referred us to a statement they made on Monday, which said in part, “there is no conclusive proof,” that Traylor committed the crime.

In the original police report, the mother said she was in the Kitchen doing dishes and her two children were in the living room when she heard her daughter crying. Since that report, she has changed her story. Now, she said she and her “two kids were sleeping and [she] woke up and her daughters nose was cut off.”

In court on Tuesday, pictures of the baby with her injury were showed in court. The mother says it was hard to watch and it will be hard for her to be in the room to testify.

The judge sentenced Traylor to the maximum sentence of 8 years in prison,according to officials. 

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