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Caught on camera: Alleged impaired driver drives off of I-75 into ditch

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Police believe an erratic driver on a Tri-State highway was driving impaired, and it was all caught on camera.

The cell phone video, shot by a passenger in a car following the suspected impaired driver, shows that driver weaving back and forth before eventually driving down an embankment, crashing through a fence and coming to rest near a set of train tracks.

"He's going to cause an accident,” shouted one of the people in the car who shot the video.

Troopers say it happened Saturday afternoon off the side of I-75 near Crescentville Road.  They believe the driver may have been high, and possibly had been drinking before the accident.

"People are like, 'Why is somebody at 5 o'clock this impaired out on the interstate?'  But, it's something that we see on a daily basis,” said Sgt. Brian Bost with the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Bost is part of the investigation.  He said people shooting video of incidents on roadways is becoming more and more common these days, but doesn’t encourage anyone driving a car to do it.

"We encourage what they did, as far as the passenger taking the video.  We appreciate that.  I believe the driver was on the phone with 911,” Bost told FOX19 NOW.

In the video, you see the dark-colored car eventually careen over the hillside after leaving the northbound lanes of the highway.

"He just went over the embankment,” yelled one of the people in the cell phone video.

The car came to rest after driving through a fence and stopping after hitting a pillar near the tracks. 

"When we arrived, there was a train going on the railroad,” Bost said.

Police say they're not sure if the driver just missed or was about to miss the train, but they say dispatchers were able to get a stop on the tracks while they investigated the scene.  Officers say the suspect was alone in the car and left with just some minor injuries.

"This easily could have been far worse,” a FOX19 NOW reporter asked Sgt. Bost. 

"Oh, absolutely,” Bost replied.

The driver, who police declined to name, is charged with failure to control and OVI, they say.  Bost says that driver submitted to a chemical test and they are now awaiting the results from a lab.

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