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Ammo, AR-15 stolen from CPD police car

(PHOTO: File) (PHOTO: File)

Hamilton County Sheriff’s investigators are on the hunt for the person who broke into a Cincinnati police officer’s car and stole an AR-15 and an X26P model Taser.

The theft happened last week at the officer’s home, according to a police report obtained by FOX19 NOW this afternoon.
HCSO’s report shows the perpetrator “broke the driver’s side rear window” of a CPD unit, parked along the street. Once inside, the suspect stole a taser from the officer’s “tactical vest,” and then stole a Smith and Wesson M&P 15, the company’s version of the AR-15, a rifle commonly referred to as an “assault rifle.”
The rifle was equipped with a Green Dot brand laser sight and collapsible stock. The gun was also equipped with an EOTech Holographic Weapon sight, a sight the manufacturer markets as, “revolutionary technology” and allows the shooter the most “situational awareness” when using this product to hit a target.

The thief stole 30 rounds of ammunition and a flashlight, the report shows. 

The only piece of stolen equipment that belonged to the city of Cincinnati was the Taser, the report states. The rest belongs to the officer.

The report details damages to a black Nissan Rogue, a unit registered to the city of Cincinnati, according to the report. The vehicle is an unmarked unit with standard Ohio license plates.

The HCSO report shows deputies determined the vehicle was locked and the keys were not inside when the theft happened.

The victim is listed as Charles Zopfil, a detective with the Cincinnati Police Department. We’ve asked CPD spokeswoman Tiffaney Hardy for CPD records related to this incident and what the department has done about it.

As of this posting, we are awaiting a response from CPD regarding the case.  

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