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Hundreds of new street lights going up around UC to keep crime down

(Duke Energy/Provided) (Duke Energy/Provided)
(Duke Energy/Provided) (Duke Energy/Provided)

When you walk around the streets near the University of Cincinnati these days, you’re going to notice a true night-and-day difference.

A big street light upgrade is underway, all aimed at cutting crime and upping safety.
This is the second phase of a project that started last year. Street lights are being converted to brighter LED lights on dozens of streets.

Yellow lights are being changed to white LED lights that are much brighter.  During the first phase, more than 300 lights on 33 streets were changed.  During the second phase, almost 400 street lights will be upgraded on 30 additional streets all around campus. 

"We get emails at UC about if there's stabbings or anything like that.  I've received several emails just from the few short months I've been here,”
said UC student Destiny Ridge.

Making things safer to get the frequency of those emails down is a high priority among campus officials.

"We're committed, absolutely committed to continuing to provide a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff and for the community that surrounds us,” said Robin Engel, the Vice President for Safety and Reform at UC.
To do that, the university has rolled out a handful of safety initiatives including more cops, more off-campus patrols, a free late night shuttle service and the upgraded lights.

"There's a huge difference.  I think it's a lot safer.  It makes me feel better,” said UC student Jake Scalf.
The new lights are aimed at continuing to cut crime numbers that are already on a downswing, according to the university.  Crime
around the UC campus is at a 10-year low through 2014.  They report violent crime as being down 55% during the same time.
"We did a study in 2013 with that initial phase with 96 lights that we put up, and we saw significant reductions in violence,” Engel told FOX19 NOW on Friday.

The lighting upgrade is a partnership between the University of Cincinnati, the city of Cincinnati and Duke Energy.

"It is a little dark and sometimes we're walking home late at night,” Ridge said.

When the second upgrading phase is finished, there will be nearly 700 new, brighter LED lights.  The work started on October 12.

Street lights along theses streets will be upgraded:

  • Ada St
  • Atkinson St.
  • Bosley St.
  • Calhoun St.
  • Cassat Ave.
  • Chickasaw St.
  • City View Pl.
  • Clifton Ave (west side between
  • McMillan &
  • MLK)
  • Conklin
  • Coon
  • Detzel Pl.
  • Elysian PL
  • Emming St.
  • Flora St.
  • Graham
  • Jefferson (East side from Corry
  • to MLK)
  • Lyon St.
  • McMillan St.
  • Moerlein Ave.
  • Ohio Ave.
  • Parker St.
  • Ravine St.
  • Rohs St.
  • Sauer Ave.
  • Stratford Ave.
  • Victor St.
  • Volkert Ave.
  • Warner St.
  • West Clifton Ave.
  • Wheeler St.

"It's definitely something to be recognized. It's definitely appreciated. You hear about it every day, so it's good to know they're actually making an effort to make us safer,” Scalf told FOX19 NOW.

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