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Exclusive: Father of infant killed under a grandmother's care speaks out

Kathy Huff (PHOTO: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office) Kathy Huff (PHOTO: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)

The father of a 4-month-old who died when a grandmother overdosed on heroin in a bath tub is speaking out in order to set the record straight. 

David Ronan, father of 4-month-old Killian, told FOX19 NOW in an exclusive interview that the backlash coming from the public is geared towards the wrong people. 

In a frantic 911 call, Kathy’s husband said he found his grandson floating in the water and Kathy Huff, 42, unresponsive. Huff later admitted to snorting heroin while babysitting her grandson on Oct. 3, court records show. 

Killian passed away after reportedly being in critical condition for two weeks at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

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Ronan said the family is horrified by what happened. 

"Losing a child - you can't understand it unless you go through it," claimed Ronan. "We are at that time right now where we are broken."

He said people have gotten angry with his fiance, Kathy Huff, for expressing support for her mother. He stated that people are making it seem like she didn't support their son because she was worried about her mom, and that those thoughts are wrong. 

"The last thing we need is people trying to slander her or me or anything about the situation or her mom, for instance, because it was an accident," claimed Ronan. 

He wants everyone to know he and Kelsey are grieving their son and Killian should be who people are thinking about at this time. 

As far as Kathy Huff, the family said she will have a lot of time to think about what she did. 

"She will pay for what she has done," said Ronan. "I'll be there and I'll make sure of that."

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