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Kara Sewell: Lather up, stupid!

I don’t like the word stupid, in fact, my husband and I don’t use the word in our house but I’m afraid the term is relevant for this blog post.

I feel pretty stupid for preaching about suntan lotion and keeping your face covered only to come home from Mexico with 2nd degree burns. Hello pot, I’m kettle!

So, I claim stupidity that when I used spray sun block I did not rub it in. I didn’t really notice any issues at first except that a few spots on my leg felt hot but between a few drinks and 90 degree weather I didn’t think anything of it. We lathered or sprayed every hour because the Cancun sun can scald quickly but missing a few spots on our first day in the sun could not be fixed with subsequent applications.

I noticed three dark, warm spots later that night but had no idea they would turn into blisters by the time we were on our way home a few days later. I woke up the day we left for Cincinnati with a blister the size of a half dollar.

This next part is gross but while I was on the plane to Chicago one of the blisters burst and a flight attendant had to help me dress the burn and keep me from getting sick. Needless to say, I made a doctor’s appointment the moment we landed. At the time I was scared, I had no idea if it was a burn or a bite even the doctor had to call for a second opinion the next day. But that’s exactly what it was, a burn so severe it blistered and bled. Wow! Something like this has never happened to me before and it’s a painful reminder why it’s not only important to put on sun block but actually rub it in. (stupid)

I’m on the mend now but my leg still hurts and I worry about a scar but I’m grateful it wasn’t worse. Have you ever had a severe sunburn? How did you treat it?

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