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WATCH: Video shows deer chasing MSJ student through campus hallways

(PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Ben Katko) (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Ben Katko)
(PHOTO: Twitter/ Kenny Mitchell) (PHOTO: Twitter/ Kenny Mitchell)
(PHOTO: Youtube/Ken Mitchell) (PHOTO: Youtube/Ken Mitchell)

Surveillance video has been released of the deer that chased a Mount St Joseph student through campus hallways last month.

That student, Kenny Mitchell, had only minor injuries after an encounter. The buck blasted through a window at the Seton Center on campus. The window was boarded up a short time later.

“The only thing I'm thinking is, 'Oh crap.  Time to go,” said freshman student Kenny Mitchell. 

Of 2,300 students at the school, Mitchell can safely say he’s the only one who ran a foot race with a deer.

A YouTube video called 'Kenny being ran over by reindeer on a September day in 2015' was posted by an account by the name of Ken Mitchell on Friday. 

The video shows multiple angles of the deer running through the halls and ultimately lodging an antler into Mitchell's sweatshirt before plunging off a loading dock.

"You really don't know what to think because you're sitting inside at school playing pool and, all of a sudden, there's a deer staring you down from like three feet away,” Mitchell told FOX19 NOW.

After the deer made its way into the building, it eventually ran through the lobby and down a flight of stairs.  At some point, it broke another window in a downstairs hallway of the building before making its way to a game room where Mitchell was hanging out with friends.

Mitchell hopped over a wall and onto a couch to escape the deer.

"I literally went over this onto the couch, and then I'm sitting here and they all stopped screaming so I'm like, 'Maybe we're okay.'  I look up, and the deer's like back here,” Mitchell explained how he was only feet away from the deer at that time.

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From there, the deer ran out, and so did Mitchell. That turned into an all-out sprint to daylight as the deer chased Mitchell down a hallway toward a set of doors leading to a loading dock outside the building.

"Didn't expect to have to try to outrun a deer today,” Mitchell told FOX19 NOW.

Mitchell was sent to the hospital where he says doctors told him he had a concussion, and needed a tetanus shot.  He was also left with a piece of the deer’s antler that broke off in the fall. A souvenir so to speak. 

"It's really a blessing that all that happened was the concussion and the few scratches on my back,” he said. As for the deer, it got up and ran away after the incident.

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