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Halloween block party for 10 year-old with cancer hailed a success


Hundreds of people, many in costume, swarmed into a cul-de-sac Saturday to help a little boy battling for his life.

Everyone arrived at the fundraiser for Kyler Bradley, 10, who was recently diagnosed with DIPG. It's a rare disease we know all too well. It’s the same type of brain cancer which took the life of Lauren Hill.

Kyler was diagnosed with DIPG just two weeks ago. It’s a fast growing type of brain cancer which mostly affects elementary school-aged children and there is no known cure.

As you can imagine, his sudden illness has been devastating to his family.

Friends of the Bradley's decided to have a party to bring people in the neighborhood together and raise a little money.

The event spread through social media and soon folks were offering food, a band, games for kids and more.

Family friend Michelle Norris said it’s the kind of support that exceeded all expectations.

“It is definitely exploded," stated Norris. "As of Thursday night there were like over 300 people who commented on Facebook that they were attending and I think the latest of it yesterday there was over a thousand.”

Kyler's mother, Rebecca Bradley, said the outpouring of support is staggering.

“We're speechless definitely speechless," she stated. "I mean, a lot of people didn't know who our son was and I think for everybody, I mean thank you is not enough anymore.”

Rebecca admits they've been overwhelmed since Kyler's brain cancer was diagnosed.  The disease has caused weakness on the right side of Kyler's body and put him in a wheelchair.  It's a hard thing for a family to have to go through, but Kyler's father Kirk says all this kindness from strangers is comforting. “It's helped a lot just know that people actually care. I mean it's....you know he needs all the support he can get. We need all the support we can get and to try to get through this.”

Kyler has trouble speaking, but he gives a thumbs up in thanks to a community that stands behind him. It’s a community that includes its first responders like Township Fire Chief Tim Thomas who says “The fire department and the police department are a big part of this community and anytime we have the opportunity to do something good for the community we'd love to do that. In this circumstance there's a family in desperate need of some assistance.” 

The fire department is working with local hospitals to provide medical supplies for Kyler and they've offered to take him to doctor's appointments, but most of the people who came to the party don't even know Kyler.

Pastor Greg Conrad says he came to pray for Kyler and his family. “We see Jesus heal people every day and I'm here to claim the victory for Kyler. This is garbage. This shouldn't happen.”

Kyler begins radiation treatment next week and his family says they’re praying for a miracle.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up to help the family with medical expenses.

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