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Bengals fans celebrate 7-0 streak

(FOX19 NOW/Frankie Jupiter) (FOX19 NOW/Frankie Jupiter)

“Who Dey” fans can't hide that Bengal pride after winning seven straight games Sunday. The win is keeping these fans' momentum going.

Though excited about the win in Pittsburgh the game had some sitting on the edge of their seats.

"I thought they were going to beat us, but we came back and got those interceptions and we won,” said Bengals fan Khmani Mapp.

"A little nervous but one thing we've learned this year for our guys is never give up. One game at a time and they did it. They beat Pittsburgh in Heinz Field what a great game,” said Bengals fan Steve Nagel.

This win is fueling the energy for the Bengals next home game. There's no doubt that the boys in stripes are a morale boost for the city.

"It's wonderful. I think the team deserves that. They have played absolutely wonderful 7-0,” said Bengals fan Jeff Nagel.

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