Coney Island to debut Typhoon Tower in 2016

Coney Island to debut Typhoon Tower in 2016

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Coney Island officials announced Thursday they plan on debuting their largest water project in the amusement park's history when it opens for its 130 season in 2016.

The giant, interactive, multi-level Typhoon Tower will cover 16,000 square-feet in the northeast corner of the waterpark, just inside the main gate and next to the park's Sunlite pool.

The centerpiece of the massive water play structure is a 33-foot-tall "Hydro Storm" that will periodically drench park visitors with more than 1,300 gallons of water at a time.

Water cascades from the Tower for over 30 seconds at a time, soaking guests a full 360 degrees around the structure.

The 1,300-gallon tank will make Typhoon Tower the largest "Hydro Storm" in the world.

The attraction also will include two twisting, 130-foot long waterslides and more than 70 fun, interactive water activities visitors can experience.

Patrons will be able to play with water geysers shooting water 75-feet in the air, water pumps, arch jets, water blasters, water canons, suspended water dumps, deck water bubblers, water detonators, fan sprayers, overhead showers and tipping buckets.

Guests can launch and control many of the water activities at remote control activity stations.

There is also a large, surrounding deck with seating so guests can relax while watching the fun happening at the waterpark complex's new multi-level attraction.

Wizard Works of Albany, New York, designed and manufactured the entire structure.

"We are very excited about this new water attraction for our visitors in 2016," said Coney Island's Vice President and General Manager Mike Howard in a prepared statement. "We will now have the world's largest Hydro Storm right next to Sunlite Pool, the largest recirculating pool in North America – that's something pretty special."

Coney Island is scheduled to open May 28 for its 2016 season.

Season passes are on sale now for $89.95, or five payments of $19.99. They can be purchased online.

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