Local man fights to save dog in Afghanistan

Saving Ursa (VIDEO)

Some people say pictures are worth a thousand words and if you see a photo of Ursa the dog, it may only take you a sentence or two to see life hasn't been easy.

"You sit out on the steps and you're sitting there and you're kind of lonely because you're not at home. She'll lay down next to you and put her head on your lap. It helps pass the time it makes you feel better. She knows where you're at and she's trying to help,” said Michael Stigar.

Stigar is working as a security contractor for an Afghan national interdiction unit. The guys working their duties, oftentimes take turns sneaking Ursa pieces of chicken or lamb out of their dining facility.

The reality is they will be leaving their post soon for another. It will leave Ursa to fend for herself. It's an environment Stigar says is harsh. Leaving Ursa means she would starve, or be killed.

"Her loyalty that she's shown to us is pretty apparent. It's our time to go a little further for her and try to get her back and it's all done,” said Stigar.

Stigar has set up a go fund me account in hopes of getting the dog to his mom's farm in Florida.

"She's had a pretty hard life and it would be great for her to get a shot of that rural paradise, that every once in a while a lucky dog gets you know,” said Stigar.

The funds would help with the cost of tests, immunizations, quarantine, and airfare.

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