Operators of swingers club coming to West Chester speak out

Swingers club opens near daycare (VIDEO)

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - A 'swingers club' is expected to open near a daycare at the end of December.

That is the date the owners hope to open for business in the 9800 block of Harwood Court, located off Commercial Drive and Ohio 4, according to the permit given to FOX19 NOW.

The operators are from Indiana and already own a sex establishment called the Champagne Club.

On Wednesday, they spoke out to FOX19 NOW by releasing a lengthy statement and said they wanted to clarify misconceptions about their business.

"We have operated a private club similar to this one in Fort Wayne, IN for four years and have been a model business owner with absolutely NO problems needing any police intervention," their statement reads. "Our members are of high standards and never create an issue for neighboring businesses.  We are a private members only club therefore you cannot gain entrance to our club by walking in off the street as a non-member.

"We are primarily a social club for like-minded adults. We do NOT provide live entertainment or hire performers. We are a social club with a dance floor, tables and chairs exclusively for our members.

"Some misconceptions and misinformation we wish to clarify:

  • We do not sell alcohol at our club nor will we be applying for a liquor license.  We do employ licensed, trained bartenders who closely monitor the alcohol intake of our members.  If anyone is unable to drive, our security staff calls a cab or our shuttle service shuttles them back to their hotel.  We take a much more active role in our member’s safety than any bar would a public patron.
  • We have a STRICT drug policy and do not allow ANY illegal activity including drug use on our premises.  Any member caught violating this policy will be banned from the club immediately.
  • There will be no signage on the outside of the club indicating the name of the club, only an address number “9834.”
  • We do not distribute any type of flyers, handouts or materials promoting our club.  Our member’s discretion is very important to us so we do not advertise through mainstream media in ANY way.
  • There will be no video devices allowed or used within the facility for member use, only standard security cameras of the parking lot and lobby. In fact, we have a STRICT policy of no cameras or cell phones to be used within the club area.
  • Our operating hours are at night starting at 8 pm. Therefore during normal business day hours the location will not be open for business and should in no way impact day care facilities or any other daytime business.  During the time of day a customer would visit any business along Harwood Court, they will only see a non-descript building just like any other business in the area.

"All business owners value the right of privacy in conducting business and would not want anyone to tell them how to conduct business as long as they are operating legally.

"We agree with that assertion of the right of privacy in conducting our business as well.

"We aim to be a welcoming and cooperative business neighbor.  We understand parking is a concern to our neighbors.  With the parking available in our current lot, on street parking and the shuttle service we offer, we do not feel parking will be an issue. "

The new club will be located in an industrial area zoned for this type of activity. It will sit about 652 feet away from Cornerstone Child Development Center.

The law requires that it be at least 500 feet away, so the club is legal. Background checks were done on the owners by West Chester police and they came back clean, according to documents given to FOX19 NOW.

"I would like to not see it open there," said Kim Cash, the owner of the daycare. She fired off a letter to parents letting them know the club would be opening.

The club will be located in West Chester, but the daycare is just over the line in Fairfield.

The West Chester ordinance requires a sex establishment to be at least 500 feet away from places like a daycare. Fairfield requires a 1000 foot distance.

"I was never contacted except by one of the other business owners," Cash said. She was informed last Tuesday and the permits went through Friday.

Parents at the daycare were not thrilled, but seem to keep an open mind.

"If they're not doing anything during day time hours when kids are there then who am I to judge," said Stephanie Spies-Pippen, who has three kids who attend the daycare.

Another parent, Justeen Costello, is not a fan.

"I really don't like the idea of it being so close to the daycare," she said.

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