Nurse makes princess wigs for kids fighting cancer

Trending video: Nurse creates princess wigs for cancer patients

FOX19 - For cancer patients, losing hair can be one of the most difficult aspects of undergoing chemotherapy – especially for young children.

A former cancer nurse wanted to ease that transition, so she created The Magic Yarn Project.

Holly Christensen and Bree Hitchcock started making magical, princess-themed wigs out of yarn for cancer patients in their Alaska town.

"Chemo treatments often leave patients' bare scalps too sensitive for traditional wigs," the women wrote online. "To create head coverings that are warm, comfortable, and  giggle-inducing, Magic Yarn volunteers crochet extra-soft "baby" yarn into beanies, and then transform them into storybook hairstyles."

After success at their local hospital, Holly and Bree took to Facebook to ask for yarn donations in hopes of sending wigs nationwide.

People across the world offered to donate money and supplies. They set up a workshop where volunteers help crochet the wigs.

The Magic Yarn Project has created more than 80 wigs and they're already in high-demand. The group started a GoFundMe to help increase production and deliver smiles to brave cancer fighters.

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