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Auditor warns of credit card skimmers found installed at gas stations

Credit Card skimmer found (Butler County Auditor's Office/Provided) Credit Card skimmer found (Butler County Auditor's Office/Provided)

Butler County officials are concerned after finding credit card skimmers in the county, stating that credit card theft is a growing problem in the county. 

The Auditor's Weights and Measures Director Tom Kamphaus has been actively looking for skimmers at gas stations near Interstate 75 for several weeks, showed reports. 

Kamphaus said the that has proven to be the most likely location for the skimmers to be found because of the amount of traffic going in and out of the stations. 

When a credit card is run through a skimmer, the small device stores the cardholder's data, according to Kamphaus.  

"Once the credit card information is obtained, the thief can then sell the information or clone the credit card," he said. 

Kamphaus reportedly found a device in West Chester Township Thursday at the Marathon Station near the Union Center Boulevard exit off of I-75. 

Officials said the device was found inside a pump within view of the cashier, in the middle row. Police were called to the scene to remove the device and told Kamphaus that he had been called to remove another one recently at the BP station on Union Center. 

“I’m stepping up our pump inspections and educating the gas station employees in an effort to deter the use of credit card skimmers,” said Butler County Auditor Roger Reynolds. “Stations need to increase their inspections and be on the lookout for suspicious activity around the gas pumps. The best advice to protect against becoming a victim of credit card skimming is to pay the cashier, although this is obviously less convenient.”

According to officials, some stations are battling this fraud by changing their lock mechanisms on the pumps. 

Officials said the criminals use stolen keys to gain access to the pump case which houses the credit card reader and receipt roll. The skimmer is installed and the case is reportedly shut making detection of the illegal device difficult. 

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