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City helping residents after being put out from apartment building


Fourteen out of twenty units of the Burton Apartments are considered habitable and some residents are able to live there again after the building suffered damages. 

Rain Martin is one of many irritated residents who lives in the residences. 

"I just really want to get back in my own bed,”said Martin. “I just want to be home."

She returned to an apartment that still has pieces of the roof missing just get to some of her items.

This is after she says she paid November's rent.  Now she is jumping through hoops just to get her belongings.

"To have to set an appointment to get in your own place, where you pay rent, where you live at, to get you things,” said Martin. “And then they don't want to pay for the hotel stay."

According to the Homeless Coalition, the owner of the apartments refused to pay the hotel bill unless residents waived all their rights to all damage claims.

The City of Cincinnati is now paying that bill so that families won't be put out. The owner will now have to pay the city back the money, and City Manager Harry Black says these residents shouldn't be treated this way.

"I'd like landlord like this one to do the right thing,” said Black. “To be ethical to be moral and to treat people like human beings."

Meanwhile families are wondering what's next for them especially with the holidays coming up.

"They were wondering how they were going to feed their families for the holidays,” said Martin. “They got people coming in and families coming in. Where we going to cook our Thanksgiving at? And these people just don't care."

Taqwanda Reeves is currently staying at the local Days Inn wondering what's next for her family including her 4 children.

"I'm kind of scared right now because I can't afford to lose a job right now,” said Reeves. “During this time and moment in need" 

She says she had to miss work today because she works on the other side of town, and she has to be here for her kids.

Reeves and everyone in this room are trying to wrap their heads around why are they being treated this way.

"I feel like it's unacceptable on their behalf,” said Reeves

The residents who can't go back to their homes will remain at the Days Inn and the City will pay until the apartment is up to code.

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