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Travelers return from Paris, glad to be home in the Tri-State

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Paris is a popular destination for many travelers in the Tri-State, but after Friday's attacks many of those visitors to the French capitol are glad to be back home.

Friends and family of travelers to Paris have been anxiously awaiting the return of their loved ones in the wake of the deadly attacks.

FOX19 NOW talked to those returning home at CVG on Saturday. 

There was a tearful reunion as a little girl, returning from a city rocked by a brutal attack, greeted her parents. These kinds of reunions are being played out around the world. 

Victoria Vogel of Cincinnati says news of the attacks made her nervous about a scheduled layover in Paris.

“Going to Paris I had a lot of friends sending me messages like keep your head down, don't make eye contact with anyone, but once I was there I was extremely impressed that under such turmoil and such horrific events that they were able to instill a sense of calm.”

Victoria spent three weeks in France and after Friday's attacks she says this homecoming is especially sweet.

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“I'm very, very happy to be home. We have a wonderful country so I'm super happy to be home.”

Larry Benson from Dayton says he was wrapping up a ten day European vacation in Paris when the attacks occurred.

“The only thing we heard was all the emergency activity. The sirens were just constant all over.” 

Benson says communication also became difficult.

“There was a huge amount of confusion as you might expect," said Benson. "We had the sirens all night long. We were watching the news, we were getting calls from friends back here in the United States to make sure we were OK and the phone lines....we could not use our phones back to the US for several hours.”

Benson said he and his wife weren't affected by the attacks, but they're glad to be back home.

“I told my wife on the plane we were really fortunate," he said. "We got out without any issues and we're home and right now I'm glad to be here.”

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