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Betsy Ross: Should the NFL continue its International Series?

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If the Bengals are selected to play in London next year as part of the NFL's International Series, I'm going.

But I'm not sure I want the Bengals to go.

In fact, I'm not sure I want any NFL team to go.

Since 2007 the NFL has played at least one game each season in London. In 2014 that number was increased to three games. And there's a simple reason why there are more games now: The three NFL games last season at Wembley Stadium pulled in about $32 million in ticket sales alone.

But the bloodshed in Paris this past weekend reminds us that terrorism loves to seek out the grand stage. Case in point: One of the alleged suicide bombers tried to get into Friday night's soccer match in Paris but was turned away at the gate. The bomb went off outside, instead of inside, the stadium, thanks to security measures.

But what if terrorists went after the NFL as a symbol of American capitalism? It'd probably be easier for them to get to London than the U.S.

We found out this last week the power that the Missouri football team had in affecting change at the University. What if NFL players refused to play in London because of security concerns? Not many people would blame them.

Look, I'm all for traveling and letting the terrorists know they won't win. But putting the NFL, its players, their families and fans in a volatile place in the world isn't good business, no matter how many tickets are sold.

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