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Ohio leaders push back against taking in Syrian refugees

Ohio Gov. John Kasich appears on Fox Business Sunday. (Twitter/Fox Business) Ohio Gov. John Kasich appears on Fox Business Sunday. (Twitter/Fox Business)

Several governors are opposing efforts to allow Syrian refugees into their states, including Republican presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

In light of the deadly attacks in Paris, Kasich believes the U.S. should wait until the New Year to admit refugees. President Obama in September pledged to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees within the next 12 months.

“There’s no way that we can put any of our people at risk by bringing people in at this point,” said Kasich in an interview with Fox Business.

Leaders are concerned refugees could be a cover for terrorists to travel across the border. One of the Paris attackers reportedly made it from Syria to Europe within a group of refugees.

Experts have countered that state leaders do not have the authority to refuse refugees. The Homeland Security Department says refugees face the highest level of security screening of anybody entering the U.S., the AP reports.

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley called on the federal government to halt refugee relocation until "exhaustive vetting has occurred." A statement from his office released Tuesday said:

“Mayor Cranley realizes the issue of refugee resettlement is a federal issue and one that he has no jurisdiction over. To be clear, Mayor Cranley supports helping refugees, especially in the humanitarian crisis faced by Syrians, but thinks it is reasonable to ask the federal government to explain to the American people how its current plan best addresses safety concerns when vetting refugees. The federal government should take the time to ensure that their plan best protects Americans' safety.”

Some governors are taking a harder stance than Kasich by saying they will refuse Syrian refugees from entering their states. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence issued a statement Monday saying resettlements will be put on hold until assurances from the government that proper security measures have been met.

Several other governors have called for a temporary suspension of accepting new refugees.

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