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Organizing 101: Cleaning out your closet

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We’ve all done it, stood at the closet door with a glazed look and the thought, I have nothing to wear!

A local professional organizer says she can improve your wardrobe and your morning by de-cluttering your closet with some simple organizing ideas. I decided to challenge her with the messiest closet I know, mine! In hopes of getting us all out the door a little faster.

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When she steps inside, professional organizer Korrine Belock gives a kind reaction for a closet that’s more like a catastrophe. It’s all wedged, piled and overflowing. The same thing can be said for pants, dresses and shoes. 

Founder of Urban Simplicity, Korrine promises my mess and others like it can be mastered. 

“The biggest struggle you’re having here is you have just one long bar and on that bar you have things stuck wherever you can fit them,” says Korrine. She suggests a double hang to utilize space, a reach-in closet or a walk-in, the concept works for both. 

The rule is 'like with like.' You want to have your skirts together, pants together. And her approach can save you money. 

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“You’ve got shoes you invested money in but as they’re piled up on the floor and shoved in the back of your closet – they’re getting scuffed and damaged,” says Korrine. In addition to making your clothes last longer, she says color coordinating helps you shop smartly. “You forget what you have so when it’s organized and you can see everything that’s when a closet is most effective,” says Korrine.

The hardest part? Getting your partner on the same page.

Korrine suggests for every item you buy new you donate or sell the same number already in your closet.

Five years in business, her method starts by taking every item out to purge. 

Always keep a donation box in or near your closet, as you come across items you don’t like or don’t fit – toss! To make it easier, put an item back into your closet with the hanger facing the opposite direction. You’ll easily spot which items you are not wearing.

Now that we know the problems, what’s the solution? It’s easier, cheaper? Than you might think.

We head to an organizer’s mecca – the Container Store!

Korrine says the last thing she want to do as an organizer is come in here and put together a system that doesn’t make sense to you. 

She proposes I invest in the ELFA system at Container Store so we can customize the space with plenty of shelving for bins.

Tossing flip flops, hats and scarves in bins is a great way to ease clutter. And once the bin is full you know it’s time to eliminate. Sales associate Michael Stange works to create the right system to answer everyone’s needs.

Michael says an organized closet will save you 15-20 minutes in just making up your mind in the morning. And if you think your closet is too small, think again. You are maximizing the space in your closet by updating your wide hangers to something thinner.

Installation of the ELFA system seems to be the easy part, it took a few hours by two hard working men from Container Store. Korrine wants to put it all back together herself and I don’t blame her.

Folded, stacked, straightened and color coordinated. 

Korrine says your clothes need to breathe, mine could take a deep breath (so to speak).

“One of my favorite ways to keep shorts organized is to use clothing rod dividers,” Korrine adds you can get them at the Container Store for 99 cents.

Separate work wear from weekend clothing.

Your closet should be a place to ‘shop’, open shelving allows you to see what you have. She added a peg wall that was a wasted, empty space to showcase my jewelry.

“Every hardware store can sell you a peg board, all you need is the hooks and you can recreate this at home for so little,” says Korrine. And little is how you start, one change at a time that adds up to extra minutes in the morning.

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