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Neighborhood Enhancement Programs promises improvements for Roselawn

(Photo: Gordon Graham, FOX19 NOW) (Photo: Gordon Graham, FOX19 NOW)

A project to revitalize the community of Roselawn celebrated a milestone Wednesday.

The Neighborhood Enhancement Program is working to remove blight and make Roselawn safer with the new project. 

The outdoor gymnasium at 2026 East Seymour culminates a 90 day effort to clean up parks and vacant lots, consolidate bus stops, discourage loitering and generally make Roselawn and cleaner and safer place to live.

The whole idea is to get people to change the way they think about their neighborhood.

A ceremonial ribbon cutting marked what Mayor John Cranley hopes will be a new beginning for Roselawn.

“There's been an enormous amount of work by a whole lot of people to really bring back the pride and everything we love about this neighborhood,” Cranley said.

Roselawn resident Lawrence Gore says the project may give people in the neighborhood a new sense of pride.

“Hopefully it can change and have the kids get a certain different aspect in life. You know there's something else you can do in life instead of just hitting the streets. You can come out, get yourself in shape and be positive in life,” Grove said.  

Roselawn resident John Maxton says he hope the outdoor gym will make people of color think more about their health.

“You don't see enough African Americans out walking and running and when you go into other neighborhoods Hyde Park or anywhere else you see everybody out getting exercise, it's such a normal thing for them to do and hopefully this will be a normal thing for us to do,” Maxton said.

Mayor Cranley says residents wanted the project so much that they raised a lot of money in a short period of time.

“Knowing that you have collectively raised 150-thousand dollars for this signature project in 60 days is absolutely amazing. Congratulations,” Cranley said.

However, Roselawn resident Dinah Yisrael says she's skeptical about how much this project can improve the neighborhood.

“It's beautiful to look at, but a lot of times you come up here you be very disheartened because you have people up here who are doing drugs, they're up here being foul, foul mouthed, nasty, cussing and carrying on and they're mean to the children,” Yisrael said. 

It remains to be seen what impact, if any, the Neighborhood Enhancement Program has on Roselawn's crime rate and quality of life, but the folks  say they're already seeing some improvements. 

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