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Tri-State Syrian family reacts to crisis

(Photo: Mike Schell, FOX19 NOW) (Photo: Mike Schell, FOX19 NOW)

If you have family members living overseas you are certainly concerned with the terrorist situation on the world stage.

But imagine what it is like to have someone you know and love live in one of the most dangerous countries of the world -- Syria.

For one University of Cincinnati student and her family -- every day is filled with the unknown.

Mohomed Mashta  and Batul Fattal are living the American dream. They married couple is from war torn Syria but left the country before the uprising began.

Fattal is a general practice physician in West Chester. Mashta is an undergrad biomedical engineering student at UC.

They are very concerned about the unrest in Syria since they both have relatives still living in the country.

“When we wake up in the morning we think, OK. If we call someone now. Will he answer? Are they alive? You know, that's heartbreaking for us,” Mashta said.

This is the Syria Mashta and Fattal remember

“When I think about Isis I think about (how) they represent the terrorism. They represent the radical ideas toward the human life,” said Fattal.

The couple is one step closer to obtaining their “green card” and about three years away from becoming naturalized citizens.

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