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Swingers club doesn't pose problems in Milford

(Photo: Jordan Villines, FOX19 NOW) (Photo: Jordan Villines, FOX19 NOW)

It's hard to believe that a small town like Milford has been home to a swingers club for nearly two decades.

Despite the recent controversy surrounding "sexual encounter establishments," police in that area say they've never had serious problems with the club in all of the years it's been there.  

The building is tucked away among other office buildings along the curves of Highway 50. You'd never guess the beige building is used as a sexual encounter establishment, or swingers club, on Friday and Saturday nights.

Some folks in the area say they've never had a problem with the swingers club. In fact, some residents say they didn't even know there was a swinger's club in town.

"I had no idea until this evening when my husband informed me that it was there, I never knew," said Milford resident Megan Davison.  "Obviously if a lot of people don't know about it, then they can't be doing anything too horrible I would assume."

Opinions on these sort of establishments vary from person to person, from town to town.

During a board of trustees meeting in West Chester Township Tuesday night, some community members expressed their opinions on a swingers club that was set to open up there next month, saying that the club would dramatically diminish the standards, morale and safety in the city.

Davison disagrees with that viewpoint.

"Honestly, to each their own. As long as they are not disturbing the community, I don't really care what anyone does," Davison said.

Miami Township police ran a report on the numbers of calls or complaints they received regarding Club 440. They said since 1996, police have been called to Club 440's address 68 times which averages out to about three-and-a-half calls a year. They say the majority of calls they receive pertain to the security alarm system being set off.

The last time police received a call at that address was in January for a traffic citation. 

Police say overall, club goers haven't caused any serious problems in the community. 

Employees at the nearby daycare say they've never had problems with the swinger's club across the street.

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