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Mother found not guilty of child endangering

Catrina Fant (FOX19 NOW/file) Catrina Fant (FOX19 NOW/file)

A mother accused of refusing to let her mentally disabled daughter into their home on a hot day was found not guilty of child endangering in a jury trial Wednesday, her lawyer said.

Catrina Fant was acquitted after jurors deliberated less than 30 minutes and is is working now to be united with her four daughters, said her attorney, Carl Lewis.

"She is exuberant. We are just trying to get the word out there to clear her name," he said Thursday. "The jury felt the charge did not rise to the level of creating a substantial risk to the safety of the child."

Fant has always maintained she didn't lock one of her daughters out and has sought to clear her name ever since Forest Park police arrested her in July.

Police took her into custody after she calling authorities to her home when she said her daughter, Alexis, 11, pulled a knife on her.

Fant has said all she was trying to do was get help for her child.

In an interview with FOX19 NOW earlier this year, Fant said the incident began when she confronted her daughter about hitting her younger sister.

She called allegations police wrote in court records "a complete lie."

Her four children were put in foster care upon her arrest. 

She is scheduled to attend a hearing Dec. 10 as she works now to get her children back, Lewis said.

"The basis for taking her children was this charge, so we are very confident she will be reunited with her children," he said.

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