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New rules for preventing purse-snatching


Since Jan. 1, there have been 37 purse theft reports filed with Cincinnati Police. In 2014, police responded to 60 purse thefts.

Simple prevention methods combined with updated rules can help prevent this crime of opportunity.

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Always keep purses with zippers closed. This will, of course, make it harder for thieves to try and grab what’s inside while in the checkout line.

Holding your purse in front of you in the checkout line is another deterrent. Hiding the prize takes away the opportunity for someone to take your purse.

If your purse is taken by force, let it go. Don't fight for it, especially if a weapon is involved. Nothing inside is worth losing your life over.

When it comes to the contents of your purse, experts recommend taking anything of value out, including cash.

Instead, put cash in a pocket or jacket, along with other credit cards, IDs or even keys, if possible.

[LIST: 2015 purse theft data]

Many people have heard carrying a purse with a long strap diagonally across your body is harder for thieves to snatch, but experts say cross-body bags are not necessarily the safest.

If your purse is grabbed, a strong strap may end up creating more of a hazard if a thief won’t give up when trying to pull it off of you.

Instead, keep a purse clutched close to your body and over your arm.

Wear it under a jacket if you can, too. If there's a long strap, wrap it around the bag.

When dining out, resist the urge to throw a bag on the back of a chair or on the ground. The safest place for your purse is in your lap.

Being smart about what you carry and how you carry it puts the power of purse back in your hands.

How to make a mugger's wallet in six easy steps:

(A mugger's wallet is a decoy wallet you carry with you to convince muggers it's the real thing.)

1. Put some cash in the wallet; not enough to where you will miss it if it's gone, but just enough to make someone think it’s actually your real wallet.

2. Add an old ID that's either expired or you can no longer use. Preferably, this shouldn't have a current address or any valid personal information, just to be safe.

3. All old, expired credit cards.

4.  Add some filler cards, like discount point cards from grocery stores and restaurants.

5. Use the mugger's wallet for minor expenses in case a mugger is out and watching you, so they believe it's real.

6.  Carry your real wallet somewhere else in a less visible, less accessible place.

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