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Abused 5-month-old dog left with broken femur


A dog beaten outside in Roselawn is now safe and sound at the County Animal Hospital in Mason.

The 5-month-old pit-boxer mix named 'Red' was found tied to a fence alone with a broken femur. He is now getting some much needed care and attention thanks to a Good Samaritan.

Dr. Erin Schelle of the County Animal Hospital says it was apparent that Red was injured. X-rays show the pit-boxer mix’s broken femur.

“These two pieces should be touching," she claimed as she showed X-ray of the broken bone fragments. "It's more likely an impact trauma like being hit or kicked."

Dr. Schelle thought that the dog may have been hit by a car, but discovered something else when taking a closer look.

Schelle said she saw surveillance video of the dog being attacked outside the Reds Youth Academy. 

The video has not been released at this time, but it showed what happened to Red.

"They had a surveillance video of the person who brought him, dragging and hitting him,” said Dr. Schelle. “We could only assume that's what caused the trauma to his leg."

The incident was reportedly a few days ago. Now, Red is in good hands with a lot of love coming from all over the country -- receiving get-well cards and kind messages online through social media. 

The group Joseph's Legacy has been working hard to raise money for the medical expenses.

President Meg Melampy said the dog's story really touched her.

"I mean it brought me to tears last night and that doesn't happened to often,” said Melampy.

Melampy said they see many dogs come in traumatized, but she believes Red is one of the 'special' ones.

"For him to be so loveable and so sweet still, and so trusting of people,” said Melampy. “It's just heartbreaking.”

Red is set for surgery Wednesday and hopefully a new home soon after his recovery.

All excess funds that are raised for Red will be given to another animal in need.

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