Murder on Wheels Plot

Woman accused of trying to kill self, father in crash

A suburban Cincinnati woman has been indicted on attempted murder and attempted vehicular homicide charges after she allegedly tried to kill herself and her father by driving into oncoming traffic.

Police say the plan by Leslie Pierce of Mount Airy was thwarted when a car slammed into her from behind. No one was seriously injured. Both of the charges against Pierce relate to her alleged attempt to kill her father, 70-year-old Charles Pierce, on January 12th.

A warrant has been issued for her arrest. Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Seth Tieger says if it was just herself she wouldn't have been charged because nobody was hurt.

According to police records, Pierce was driving east on Interstate 275, the Cincinnati outerbelt, planning to make an illegal U-turn into on-coming traffic. But, as Pierce slowed, a car slammed into her from behind. Tieger says her car shot across the median and three west lanes, but cars avoided hitting her.