Miami Student Hit by Train

A 20 year old Miami University student's car was struck by a train!

It happened Early Thursday morning and tonight he's in critical condition. He drove across train tracks at about 5 thursday morning, a crossing that has no gates. A 3200 ton freight train hit his car at 35 miles an hour dragging it 450 feet across the tracks. David Brown, a Miami senior is in critical condition at University Hospital.

It was Green Beer day at Miami University a day when bars open at 5:30 in the morning in celebration of St. Patrick's day. Friends say Brown was at a gathering and left at about 4am he may have been on his way to the bars. Police will investigate whether or not drinking was a factor. Students and police say the crossing seems safer than other crossings in the college town. "Theres a good line of sight no view obstruction lights were working properly," said Sgt. Jim Squance.

Statistics show most of the country's 250 thousand railroad crossings do not have warning lights or gates.